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                                                          STIBBARD VILLAGE HALL 100 CLUB RULES

  1. The name of the club is ‘Stibbard 100 Club’.

  2. The object of the club is to raise funds for the maintenance of Stibbard Village Hall.

  3. Residents of Stibbard and friends may become members of the club on payment of the annual subscription as set out in Rule 7.

  4. The total membership of the Club shall not at any time exceed 100 and each member will be allocated a membership number for each subscription paid.

  5. Stibbard Village Hall Management Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club.

  6. The Committee shall appoint a treasurer who, if not a member of the Committee shall become an ex-officio member thereof. He or she shall maintain Income/Expenditure accounts of the Club.

  7. Each member shall make an annual subscription of £12.00 per number which is to be paid annually in advance in December.

  8. Part of the funds of the Club shall be used to provide prizes for the members as follows;
        - If membership is 100, 1 x £25, 1 x £10.00, 1 x £7.50, 1 x £5.00

  9. The monthly prizes shall be determined by a monthly draw that will take place in Stibbard Village Hall. Prize winners will be those members whose membership number corresponds to the numbers drawn. Winners will be paid normally within 7 days of the draw providing that winners’ subscriptions have been paid. Winner’s names and numbers will be published in the Parish Magazine & on the Village Hall Noticeboard.

  10. After making provision for the prizes referred to in Rule 8 and for any expenses incurred in the management of the Club surplus funds shall be allocated towards the maintenance of Stibbard Village Hall.

  11. Accounts for the Club shall be submitted to the Village Hall Annual General Meeting for approval.

  12. The club may be terminated by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary meeting of the Stibbard Village Hall Committee should the occasion arise.


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