Minutes of the Management Committee, held at Stibbard Village Hall


  1. Committee Members Present - Malcolm Cook, Bert Etherington, Jane Taylor,
    Anne Healy, Norma Limond.


  2. Apologies for absence were received from Nick O’Reilly, Chris Hoddy, Elaine Bennett.


   3. The minutes of the meeting held 7/6/21 were approved as a correct record subject to            correcting Ann’s name to Anne.


   4. Matters arising

       (5) COVID conditions of booking had been sent Nicola de Lain and posted on the Hall               noticeboard.

      (7) Sue Hender had been removed as a bank signatory and Jane Taylor added.


   5. COVID 19 Update

      The rules had now been changed to advisory and regular groups had been informed.              The website had also been updated.


   6. Correspondence

       The Parish Council had requested financial assistance towards the cost of refurbishing         the Iron Man. This was agreed in principle and would be revisited when costs were                 known. ACTION: BE to inform the PC.

      A request had been made to ACRE for heating advice but their reply asked us to take out        membership first. Their heating document was dated 2013 which the Committee                    considered to be way out of date. It was decided, therefore, not to join ACRE. When we            are ready to upgrade the heating, professional advice will be sought. ACTION: BE to                inform ACRE.

     A letter had been received from HSBC – see Treasurer’s report.

   7. Treasurer’s Report – attached.
     The report was received and it was agreed that the Treasurer should explore alternative 
     banking providers who offered free community account banking. ACTION: BE to make a
     recommendation to the Committee by email as the deadline with HSBC is 1/11/21.

   8. Spending Plans 2021 – attached.

       The document that had been circulated with the agenda was received. Members were  
       reminded that it was, in effect, a wish list and items could be added at any time.

   9. Website.

       An additional tab entitled “Meetings” had been added, split into agendas & minutes. This
       gave the public greater transparency.

  10. Village Hall Maintenance.

        Hedge cutting – the area around the gate and noticeboard had been trimmed.                          The main cut would be done September / October. ACTION: NOR

        Smart meter – it had been installed but was not communicating. UPDATE: now                        communicating.

        Male / Disabled Toilet block – Chris & Bert had met the structural engineer and builder.          The formal report was awaited but the engineer had confirmed that ground shrinkage            was the cause and the extension would require under-pinning. However, it remained              stable and could continue to be used. Once the report is done the builder will provide              an estimate. Given that the cost was likely to be significant, the Committee agreed that          no other major financial commitments should be made until the estimate had been                received.

        It was suggested that an estimate be obtained for demolition & rebuilding of the                      extension as an alternative to under-pinning. ACTION: CH/BE to discuss with the                      builder.

       Shed – a working party day to be arranged to do an inventory and decide on the                       disposal of some of the contents. ACTION: JT

       Storage Cupboard - a working party day to be arranged to do an inventory and decide             on the disposal of some of the contents. ACTION: BE

       Cleaning – since re-opening, had been done on an ad-hoc basis with particular care               being taken to ensure the toilets were always clean and well stocked. Hall users had             been very good about cleaning after themselves but more formal arrangements                     needed to be put in place to ensure that the hall was cleaned once a month, the main             tasks being;

       a) Hoovering the floors.
       b) Cleaning the toilets & sinks.
       c) Cleaning the kitchen sink & work surfaces.
       d) Restocking the toilets & kitchen.
       e) Cleaning the window sills.

      Discussion took place about the possibility of employing someone or having a volunteer        rota. However, Norma offered to do it as a volunteer, once a month. ACTION: BE to                    arrange for Norma to hold a key.


 11. Hall Bookings & Fundraising

       All three groups from before COVID either had resumed, or were about to, which                     provided some very welcome income. The Parish Council was also back at the Hall.               Village Hall events including the Craft Fayre, Music Night & Jingle & Mingle were also in         the diary giving a much busier picture to anyone who might take a look at the website.           No private bookings had been received.

       In view of its’ proximity to Jingle & Mingle, it was agreed that the December coffee                   morning would be cancelled. A decision about the January & February 2022 coffee                 mornings would be made at the next meeting. ACTION: BE to update the diary and add           to the next agenda.

       The current process for bookings was discussed but it was agreed that it need not                 change at present. ACTION: BE to provide Pat Maynard with an updated bookings list on         a regular basis.

 12. Platinum Jubilee.

       The joint committee was formulating it’s plans and separate meeting notes were being          issued.

       As the event was largely going to be free to Villagers, financial support was going to be         essential. It was likely to cost £3000, or more, and fund-raising plans were being made.         However, the Treasurer recommended that we make a grant of £2000 (subject to the             cost of under-pinning being known) as it was an event for the benefit of the whole of               the community. This was agreed.


 13. 100 Club.

       Monthly Club draws had continued routinely but Mandy would be getting ready for the           year end renewal process in December.

       The same issue with HSBC, referred to in 7 above, applies to the 100 Club.


 14. Other Business

       PC Noticeboard – the items on there were out of date and, in particular, there was still a         notice saying the Village Hall was shut. It would also be helpful if Village Hall notices             could be displayed there. BE to contact the PC.

      Tea & Coffee supplies – there were a number of supplies stored by the hall & user                  groups and it was suggested that there just be one to avoid duplication & waste. This              was agreed. ACTION: JT to discuss with the user groups.

      Disability Access – due to the steep slope at the start of the drive, it was suggested that        a hand rail be fitted. This was agreed and would be added to the spending priority list.            ACTION: JT to obtain costings.


 15. Date Of Next Meeting

       Monday 6/12/21 @ 7pm

       ACTION BE: Add suggested 2022 dates to the next agenda.