Minutes of the Management Committee
Monday 14th March 2022

  1. Committee Members Present - Malcolm Cook, Bert Etherington, Jane Taylor,
    Anne Healy, Chris Hoddy, Norma Limond, Tony Hender.

    The Chair welcomed Tony Hender to his 1st meeting as the representative for Stibbard Parish Council.


  2. Apologies for absence were received from Nick O’Reilly.

   3. The minutes of the meeting held 6/12/21 were approved as a correct record.

   4. Matters arising

       (6)  The agreed donation of £50 to the Heart of Norfolk magazine had been sent.
       (7)  The agreed payment of £50 had been made to the Secretary / Treasurer.
       (11) The new rules concerning animals had been put in place and publicised on the website.
      (13) The agreed payment of £150 had been made as a deposit for the Jubilee marquee.
      (15) The action concerning Amazon Smile was carried forward ACTION: JT


   5. The minutes of the extraordinary meeting held 10/1/22 were approved as a correct record.

   6. Matters arising

      None were raised.


   7. COVID 19 Update

      The Village Hall had been instructed by the NHS to cease track & trace. This had been complied with and        new advisory guidance had been published for hall users. It was agreed to drop this from future                      agendas unless circumstances dictate otherwise.


   8. Correspondence

      An email had been received from the Heart Of Norfolk magazine to thank us for the donation towards            their publishing costs.

   9. Treasurer’s Report – previously circulated.
       The report was received.

  10. Spending Plans 2021 – previously circulated.

        The document that had been circulated with the agenda was received. The plans were discussed and              are updated in the attached paper.


  11. Website.

        There had been 47 hits on the site in the last 30 days. Many changes had been made to the Home Page,          Gallery and most of the TABS. Committee members were urged to familiarise themselves with the site

  12. Village Hall Maintenance.

       Smart meter – whilst the meter is communicating, the Treasurer does not have access to the data to             monitor consumption & cost. ACTION: NOR to arrange for BE to have access.

       Taps – the ladies toilet urgently needs a replacement tap. This will be done by Buntings whilst plumbing         the new toilet.

       Male / Disabled Toilet block – Buntings had demolished the old extension and built a new exterior wall.           Interior plastering had been done. Wiring, plumbing, making good and decorating remained outstanding.

       Baby Changing Facility – it was agreed that a fold down unit should be bought and fitted in the Male /             Disabled toilet. ACTION: BE / NOR to BUY & fit.

      Shed – a working party day to be arranged to do an inventory and decide on the disposal of some of the          contents. It was agreed to make a preliminary check on 21/3/21 before setting a date for the work to be        done. ACTION: JT

      Storage Cupboard – the cabinets had been labelled although other items left in the cupboard had made i        it rather crowded.

      Disability Access – there was concern that the proposed hand rail on the ramp by the gates could cause        issues with vehicles turning left from Wood Norton Road. ACTION: TH to seek advice from Highways &            report back.

      Curtains / Blinds – it was agreed that a 2nd quotation should be obtained. ACTION: JT / AH.

      Internal Decorating – ACTION: BE to obtain quotation.

      Heating Upgrade – ACTION BE: To arrange for a heating engineer to make recommendations.                            Consideration to be given to solar panels.

      PAT Testing – As our last inspections were carried out in 2018, it was agreed that this should be done as        soon as possible. ACTION BE: To contact electrician.


  13. Hall Bookings & Fundraising. 

       All three regular groups continue to meet at the Hall as well as the Parish Council. Monthly coffee                   mornings had proved popular and a good source of income. There was a Craft Fayre due in April. One             private letting had also been booked.

       Coffee Morning Rota

       April – Craft, May – CH, June - NL, July – Craft, August – AH, September – NL, October – Craft,

       November – MC, December – NL. Note: The May event will need more help as it is also a plant and cake         sale.

      Springle & Mingle Friday Friday 22 April – 19.00 to 22.00

     It was agreed it would just be a free social evening without a raffle. However, Annie Temple had offered a       sculpture to be used for fund raising and it was agreed that it would be sold at the event as a silent                 auction. ACTION: NL to liaise with Annie.

     We will provide the following:
     Prosecco, hot sausage rolls (meat & vegan), soft drinks, tea, coffee, snacks in sealed packets (crisps,               cheese biscuits etc). Villagers would be able to bring their own drinks & food as well. ACTION: NOR to             arrange background music, BE to organise the evening, ALL to help set up, run the evening and clear up.

     Updated schedule attached – see minute 18 below.


  14. Platinum Jubilee

        It was agreed that this no longer needed to be an agenda item as the event had its own committee.

  15. 100 Club.

        The cheque book signatories had been updated to NOR, MC, JT & BE.

        Although there was a surplus, it was agreed that the 100 Club should retain it to cover future bank                  charges.

  16. Additional Officer Posts

       As a result of the AGM decision to make an appeal for a Secretary or Treasurer, BE had separated 3                 functions that could be taken out of the current Secretary’s duties - Publicity Officer, Buildings &                     Grounds Manager, Webmaster / Lettings Liaison. It was agreed that these should be taken into account           in the appeal. ACTION: BE.


  17. Frequency Of Management Committee Meetings

        In view of the busy year ahead it was agreed to temporarily increase the frequency of meetings to bi-              monthly. Meetings to start at 2pm. This arrangement to be reviewed at the end of the year.


  18. Date Of Next Meeting

        Monday 9/5/22 @ 2pm
        Future Committee Dates – 11/7/22, 5/9/22, 14/11/22.
        AGM 6/3/23 @ 7pm