Minutes of the Meeting Held - Monday 6th December 2021


   1. Committee Members Present - Malcolm Cook, Bert Etherington, Jane Taylor,
       Anne Healy, Chris Hoddy.


   2. Apologies for absence were received from Nick O’Reilly, Norma Limond and Elaine Bennett.


   3. The minutes of the meeting held 6/9/21 were approved as a correct record.


   4. Matters arising

       (6) The PC had been informed that the Village Hall would contribute to the cost of the Iron Man once the actual         cost was known. Nothing further has been heard from the PC.

       (10) Norma is now a keyholder and is cleaning the Hall.

       (14) The PC noticeboard is maintained by Bill Aldridge and is up to date.


   5. COVID 19 Update

       The Village Hall is classified as being in the hospitality sector and is, therefore, unaffected by the latest                       restrictions on retail and transport. If additional restrictions are imposed, we are well placed to implement               them.


   6. Correspondence

       A letter had been received from the Heart Of Norfolk magazine asking for donations towards their publication           costs. They had lost a lot of advertising revenue because of COVID and had operated at a loss during 2021. It             was agreed that a donation of £50 be made.

       ACTION: BE to arrange payment.


   7. Treasurer’s Report – previously circulated.
       The report was received and it was agreed that the annual payments to the Secretary and Treasurer should be         reduced from £60 net to £50 net whilst both jobs were being done by the same person.      

       ACTION: BE to arrange payment in January 2022.
       The draft budget was approved subject to any alterations that may be necessary once the full accounts for               2021 had been prepared.      

   8. Spending Plans 2021 – previously circulated.

       The document that had been circulated with the agenda was received. It was agreed that only items or                       services  of an immediate health and safety nature should be purchased. However, costings could be obtained.         ACTION: AH to obtain quotes for blinds to replace the curtains.


   9. Website.

       The home page had been improved to show details of the next major event at the Hall.

       An additional tab entitled “100 Club” had been added, split into rules and winners (number & amounts only).


  10. Village Hall Maintenance.

       Smart meter – whilst the meter is communicating, the Treasurer does not have access to the data to monitor           consumption & cost.

       ACTION: NOR to arrange for BE to have access.

       Taps – the ladies toilet urgently needs a replacement tap.

       ACTION NOR: to arrange purchase and fitting of the tap.

       Male / Disabled Toilet block – quotations had just been received from M.T.Daniels for 2 alternative schemes;

       a) Underpin and make good the existing structure - £34,920.
       b) Demolish the extension and convert the lobby into the male / disabled toilet and make good - £22,620. This               could be reduced if the remaining structure does not need to be under pinned.

       In view of the high costs involved, it was agreed that we should attempt to obtain competitive quotations from           other builders for both schemes.

       ACTION: BE to contact Buntings, AH & CH to contact builders known to them.

       Once the quotations have been received, the Secretary will arrange an extraordinary Committee meeting to               discuss them.

       Shed – a working party day to be arranged to do an inventory and decide on the disposal of some of the                     contents.

       ACTION: JT

       Storage Cupboard – it has been tidied and rubbish disposed of but the cabinets still need to be labelled.                     ACTION: BE

       Disability Access – consideration be given to installing a hand rail on the ramp by the gates.

       ACTION: JT to investigate & report back.

  11. Hall Bookings & Fundraising. 

        All three regular groups continue to meet at the Hall as well as the Parish Council. They have all confirmed                they will continue into 2022. Monthly coffee mornings had proved popular and the Christmas Craft Fayre and            Stibstock music night had both been very successful. There had also been one private booking.
        The next major event is Jingle & Mingle. Prior to this the Hall will need to be decorated.

        ACTION: ALL to advise BE if they can help on Tuesday 14/12/21 at 14.00. Arrangements for the event are                    being made by BE / NL and they will be helped, on the night by Mandy Etherington and Sue & Tony Hender.                ACTION ALL: any donations for the raffle would be welcome.

        A request had been made by a resident to have a table sale at J&M on behalf of the McMillan charity. However,          it was not thought to be appropriate and that they should have a table at a coffee morning.

        ACTION: BE to inform them.

        It was agreed that the Monthly coffee mornings would continue unless numbers attending fell to the point                where it was no longer worthwhile.

        ACTION: BE to organise the next one on 8/1/22.

       One private booking had been made.


  12. Letting Charges & Animals Policy

        The proposed changes were agreed.

       ACTION: BE to publicise them.

       It was agreed that the Hall should not be used for animal training classes because of the wooden floor.                       However, visitors to events were welcome to bring well behaved dogs and, of course, assistance dogs were               always welcome.

       ACTION: BE to publicise.


  13. Platinum Jubilee.

        In view of the high cost of underpinning, it was decided that the grant of £2000 could not be made at this                    stage. However, it was agreed that £150 could be made available immediately to provide a deposit for the                  marquee.

        ACTION: BE to liaise with Lee Richards.

        Additional money had been raised through the “Stibstock” event (£145) and the PCT had agreed to pay a grant          of £300. This will be held in the Jubilee restricted fund within the VH accounts.


  14.100 Club.

        An error made by HSBC had caused a winning cheque to be returned unpaid. As a result of a subsequent                  complaint by the Treasurer, HSBC had paid £50 compensation.

        To minimise bank charges, members were being asked to pay their renewals in cash or online. Prizes would            also be paid in cash although this would move to online, for those who would prefer it, once online banking                has been set up.

       The cheque book signatories need to be updated to NOR, MC, JT & BE.

       ACTION: BE

       New membership cards had been printed and would be distributed with renewal for 2022.

  15. Other Business

        Amazon Smile – this a facility whereby Amazon purchasers can nominate a charity who will receive money              for each purchase made.

        ACTION: JT to investigate further with a view to getting the Village Hall on the scheme.

  16. Date Of Next Meeting

       Monday 7/3/22 AGM @ 7pm

       Monday 14/3/22 Committee @ 7pm

       Future Committee Dates – 6/6/22, 5/9/22, 5/12/22.

       In agreeing the 2022 dates, it was suggested that the meetings might be in the afternoon, especially during the         Winter. It was agreed to revisit this at the first meeting after the AGM.

       ACTION: BE to add to the March agenda.