VENUE: Stibbard Village Hall

1. Committee Members present: Jane Taylor JT – Chairwoman Nick O’Reilly NO’R – Vice Chairman Bert Etherington BE – Treasurer / Secretary Elaine Bennett EB – Minute Secretary Malcolm Cook. MC Norma Limond. NL Chris Hoddy CH

2. Apologies for absence – Ann HealY

3. Minutes of previous meeting – 22/02/21 These were agreed by all present and signed off by JT Chairwoman

4. Matters arising – See below item

5. Covid 19 update  – EB raised the issue of individuals and groups using the hall being clear about what needs to be cleaned and how to do it after use of the hall. The Parish Council had a meeting in the village hall on 01/06/21but there were no guidance available. Action: BE will send ‘conditions of booking’ and ‘Covid Instructions’ to Nicola Le Dain Clerk to Parish Council and ensure a copy is readily available in the hall.

6. Correspondence – EDF have written regarding installation of a SMART meter for the Village Hall. Installation will be on 30/06/21. EDF will contact Pat Maynard( booking clerk and key holder) for access to the hall – Pat is aware and agreeable to this.

7. Treasurers report – BE Circulated by email prior to meeting and all present confirmed that they had seen it BE reported that usually £3500 approx in CCLA account of which £2000 is our reserves balance (£2000 is the average annual running cost of the hall). NO’R reported that the payment ( £150.00) for use of the hall for recent elections should be made to us on or about 17/06/21

Financial future actions – update of signatories. Sue Hender to be removed and Jane Taylor to be added. CH asked about usual amounts in bank accounts. BE reported that usually £3500 aprox in CCLA account and £2000 in Reserve account (£2000 is the average annual running cost of the hall).

8. Spending plans – It was agreed that we need a priority list for spending. Clearly the cracks in the walls are the top priority.

8.1 NO’R reported that regarding the wall cracks he had contacted a company for assessment and quote x 2 but they had still not returned the call. Action: NO’R will try to source other contacts. Action: CH will speak to a contact he has to see if they are interested in assessing and offering a quote.

8.2 Other suggestions for spendIng which need to be prioritised are: Hall redecoration, upgrade of heating system and lighting for efficiency and longevity, new taps for toilets and kitchen, upgrade of flushing toilets to be more water efficient. ? New curtains/ blinds. ? If roof space needs insulation. Flooring needs maintenance eg sanding

8.2 NL is currently using a local plumber and will pass on his details to NO’R /BE to facilitate a quote if interested BE will contact ACRE (Action Communities and Rural England) for advice on heating for the hall.

It was agreed by all present that we should have in place a sliding scale for potential spending approval It was agreed as follows.
Any costs over £1000 needs full committee to discuss and vote on
Costs between £500-£1000 chairperson and Treasurer can approve
Costs under £500 Treasurer can approve

9. Website update – BE has maintained the website during the pandemic and kept up to date with Covid guidance. Diary on website needs reviewing -Action BE

10. Village hall maintenance – No maintenance during lockdown. In Sept/Oct 2020 hedge was trimmed by Norman Hill.

Hall has been prepared and is Covid safe for letting.

10.1 It was agreed to keep the notice board on the gate of the village hall but it needs refurbishment- Action NO’R

11. Future hall bookings and fundraising events
Bookings Parish Council meetings Coffee mornings have started BE and his wife are Mandy running the monthly coffee morning on 12/06/21
Craft club restarting in September
Folk Dancing group hoping to restart late summer
Craft Fayre Saturday November 13th 2021
Jingle & Mingle booked for December 2021

Fundraising Ideas

JT suggested that we could try a weekend of events to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee – all agreed it was a good idea. Agreed a three day weekend – Friday (BH) June 3rd – Sunday June 5th Early suggestions are a ‘Royal’ Quiz on Friday night, a village fete with music, food, stalls, games on the Saturday and on Sunday collective worship. It was agreed that if we are to organise this event we need to start now. JT will lead a ‘Platinum Committee’ and representatives from the Parish Council, Village Hall committee and both churches will be invited to join to help organise the event BE will contact both churches and the Parish Council. CH & MC happy to be on this committee. EB is likely to be PC rep on this committee but will try to co-opt another councillor. Any ideas for this event please email JT.

Other ideas – Bingo, pub games night with food, EB reported that whilst delivering the village hall leaflets some residents asked about a yard sale. It was agreed that the best time for this would be August, provisional date – Saturday 14th August 2021. We need to find out if Mel Harrowing is still interested in organising this as she had previously enquired about it. Action - JT

12. 100 club update – Draws have taken place regularly and winners notified

13. AOB – EB reported back from last weeks PC meeting where councillors suggested an informal get together with village hall committee members as both committees have struggled to get members in the past but now PC has three new councillors village hall committee is 8 strong and a meet and greet and pooling of ideas might be a nice idea.- all present agreed. Date to be arranged. Action EB.

14. Date of next meeting – Monday 6th September 2021 @ 7pm Meeting closed at 8:15 pm