Notice is hereby given of a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING

At Stibbard Village Hall

Monday 6 December 2021 at 7.00pm


  1. Welcome and opening remarks – Chairperson, Jane Taylor.

   2. Apologies for absence.

   3. To adopt an amendment to paragraph 1 of clause L of the Village Hall Constitution.

Proposed deletions are shown in green and proposed additions are shown in red.

L) Receipts and expenditure

The funds of the Charity, including all donations contributions and bequests, shall be paid into one or more accounts operated by the Management Committee in the name of the Charity at such bank(s) as the Management Committee shall from time to time decide. All cheque payments made from the account(s) must be signed, or electronically authorised (in the case of on-line banking), by at least two members of the Management Committee. In the case of on-line banking, payments must be authorised by one person only, to comply with the current Village Hall bankers operating procedures.

  4. Closure of meeting.- followed by;



Monday 6th December 2021 to begin immediately after the SGM

(Note - attachments can be provided to the public on request via the CONTACT tab)

  1. Committee Members present


   2. Apologies for absence

   3. Minutes of the previous Meeting – 6 September 2021 (JT)


   4. Matters arising (JT)

   5.COVID 19 Update (BE)


   6. Correspondence (BE)

   7. Treasurer’s Report (BE)

   8. Spending Plans (BE/JT)
       - (Schedule Attached)


   9. Website update (BE)

 10. Village Hall Maintenance update (NOR/CH/BE)
      - Hedge Cutting
      - Smart Meter
      - Taps
      - Toilet Block Cracks
      - Shed Inventory / Clear Out
      - Storage Cupboard Inventory / Clear Out    


 11. Future Hall Bookings and Fundraising events (BE)
      - (Schedule Attached)


 12. Proposed Changes to Hall Letting Charges & to Consider Whether Animals should be allowed (BE)
     - (Document Attached)

 13. Platinum Jubilee (JT)
     - Meetings, Plans, Publicity, Finance


 14. 100 Club Update (BE)


 15. AOB


 16. Proposed Dates of 2022 Meetings – All Mondays @ 7pm

       - 7/3/22 (AGM – already agreed).
       - 14/3/22, 6/6/22, 5/9/22, 5/12/22 (Committee – to be agreed)